Name: Jasmine Shine 

Jasmine Shine
The Scary Seventeen-Year-Old
Age 17
District 1
Gender Female
Weapon Sword, Throwing Knvies
Place  ?
Training Score 10
Made By HungerGamesFanatic21

Age: 17 

Gender: Female

District: 1

Personality: Scary, Evil, Bloodthirsty, Vicious

Weapon(s): Sword, Throwing Knives

Physical Appearance: Jasmine has tanned skin and red eyes. She has short hair that is light brown in the back and black in the front. 

Strengths: Strong, Fast, Killing, Accuracy

Weakness(es): Stealth, Swimming, Climbing

Fear: Snakes

Interview Angle: Be spooky to scare other tributes

Training Strategy: Stay with the Careers and practice killing dummies harshly

Individual Training Strategy: Agressively kill dummies using either a sword or throwing knives. Keep stabbing it after it's dead and cut it up

Bloodbath Strategy: Kill along with the Careers and protect Golly

Games Strategy: Stay with the Careres and kill with them. Try to watch out for tributes that are from non-Career districts and stay with your sister the entire time, except when she's scouting

Feast Strategy: Hide in the Conrucopia. Once a tribute comes, kill them and run off with a pack

Final Battle Strategy: Kill anyone who comes near and protect your sister. If your the last two, kill yourself so she gets to come home 

Token: Nothing

Alliance: Careers/Sister


Jasmine Shine District One

Backstory: The Shine sisters have never even lived with each other until 3 months before the Reaping. Right after Golly's birth, their dad left and took Jasmine with him. Jasmine grew up with her dad, participating at the Career academy and became the scary killer she is today. Golly grew up with her mom and never even seen the Career academy. She would stay at home with her mom, either helping with chores, doing activites together, or being homeschooled. Her mom and her would always shoot arrows with a bow in the mornings so she ended up being a skilled archer while Jasmine was a skilled killer. A few months before the reapings, their parents were remarried and, after a month, the two girls became fond of each other. Despite their differences, they both became really good friends and really friendly sister. When Golly was reaped, Jasmine volunteered, but was a little too late so she became the other female.