Name: Jasper Shatter 

Jasper Shatter
The Young Volunteer
Age 12
District 1
Gender Male
Weapon Whip, Dartgun
Place  ?
Training Score 9
Made By XXToxicScreamxx

Age: 12

Gender: Male

District: 1

Personality: Friendly and helpful

Weapon(s): Whip, dartgun

Physical Appearance: 

Strengths: Speed, swimming, good memory

Weakness(es): Being alone, being hated, climbing

Fear: Death

Interview Angle: Be polite and act smart

Training Strategy: Do his best to impress

Individual Training Strategy: Use a whip to tear down a dummy and a dart gun to shoot another dummy in the chest

Bloodbath Strategy: Run to the first allie he sees

Games Strategy: Stay with careers and protect them 

Jasper Shatter- District 1

Feast Strategy: Grab the itmes quickly

Final Battle Strategy: Run far and hide then sneak up

Token: A panda hat

Alliance: Careers

Backstory: Jasper was the nerdy kid in school, he was friendly to everyone and everything. His family was rich but Jasper didn't care, he loved to learn new things. At reaping his twin, Casper got picked. Jasper paniced and all of a sudden he volunteered.