Name: Leon Volt 

Leon Volt
The Quiet Tribute
Age 17
District Capitol
Gender Male
Weapon Dual Daggers, Throwing Knives
Place 52nd
Training Score 8
Made By XXToxicScreamxx

Age: 17

Gender: Male

District: Capitol

Personality: Quiet, kind, a bit evil

Weapon(: Dual daggers, throwing knives

Physical Appearance: Leon is light skinned with light blue and dark blue hair. He has blue eyes and a small moustache.

Strengths: Building, working with power

Weakness(es): running, climbing

Fear: Not being liked

Interview Angle: Act smart but still act tough

Training Strategy: Beat up dummies and stab them

Individual Training Strategy: Impress gamemakers buy use all his talents

Bloodbath Strategy: Run away from the cornicopa and come back later

Games Strategy: Quickly kill tributes one by one

Feast Strategy: Hide and kill passing by tributes


Leon Volt- Capitol

Final Battle Strategy: Charge quicky at victum slashing them with his knifes

Token: None

Alliance: doesn't matter

Backstory: Leon was a a kind boy. He respected adults and acted like one. He wanted to respected too. Leon lived with is aunt because his parents were staying at the captial for about a year. Leon was neat and was an A+ student. He was a perfect child, but only one problem, he never smiles. During the reaping, he wanted to be picked, so people would respect him.